Are Silk Pillowcases Worth The Hype?

Are Silk Pillowcases Worth The Hype?

Short answer: yes.

Beauty sleep might sound like something out of a fairytale (Sleeping Beauty anyone?), but it's actually a thing.

In fact, clocking enough sleep each night (at least 7+ hours) is absolutely necessary for maintaining healthy, beautiful skin.

One of our must-have beauty sleep essentials: the silk pillowcase.

Silk has many beauty benefits that have been known for quite some time, making it a bedroom staple. We're breaking down the top reasons why investing in a silk pillowcase really is worth the hype, and helpful for beauty sleep (and just good sleep in general!)



1) Silk is anti-aging and prevents wrinkles. Sleeping on silk is much more gentle on your face than other common fabrics like cotton. That's because there's a lot less friction happening between silk and your skin compared to cotton, which amounts to less fine lines and wrinkles.

2) It's better for your hair. Say goodbye to bedhead. Wake up to smoother, softer hair with less frizz and tangles. Silk will also help you keep that professional blowout longer (2 days longer, to be exact!)

3) Ideal for those with sensitive or acne prone skin. That same friction from other non-silk pillowcases can cause sensitivity or added inflammation for those who are acne prone. Switching to a silk pillowcase at night can help keep acne at bay, while soothing sensitive skin. 

4) Silk absorbs less bacteria and dirt than other fabrics. Pillowcases made of cotton and other fabrics tend to absorb more dirt, oil, and bacteria over time. That also includes absorbing the products you use on your face before bed. Silk = a cleaner surface for your face with less product absorption. 

5) Say goodbye to pillow creases. The silky nature of the fabric won't cause those dreaded pillow creases on your face come morning. 

6) Better for allergies. The hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, all natural material is great for those with allergies.

7) Keeps an ideal temperature. Silk is a natural heat controller, and helps your body to maintain its ideal temperature throughout the night. 

8) Silk feels luxurious. Last, but not least, laying your head on a silk pillow makes for a more luxurious, enjoyable experience. 

We're obsessed with the Cloud 9 Silk Pillowcase - made of 100% High Grade Mulberry Silk.


Sweet Dreams! xx





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