About Us

Hi there - we're Stella!


Your guiding star to a good night's rest.


Our mission is to help the modern world practice good sleep hygiene.

But what is sleep hygiene?

Habits and practices that are necessary for sleeping well on a regular basis. In other words - good sleeping habits.

We have all been there: tossing and turning all night, frustrated at the inability to fall asleep. Mind racing with anxious thoughts or tomorrow’s to-do list.

Struggling to fall asleep is more common than you would think. In fact, a third of us struggle to do it every nightOne of the top reasons? Stress!

Stella was founded during summer of 2020. Born out of quarantine, Stella was an answer for Covid-19 related stress that would lead to endless sleepless nights.


Our founder discovered that intentionally incorporating mindfulness and relaxation practices before bed helped to significantly reduce stress and lead to better sleep.


Self-care starts with good sleep.

Taking care of yourself should start with getting a good night's rest. We're here to help you find your self-care routine. We know the importance of taking care of yourself. Stella is here to help you sleep better with anxiety, or develop good sleeping habits


We want to inspire you to enjoy the act of winding down each day—maybe even looking forward to it. 


Sweet dreams,